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Design Trends

In today’s digital world, more than ever, your business will need a website to survive. Not only do you need a website, you will need that website to be available on a number of platforms.

Gone are the days where a website was a “nice to have” only to be seen on a desktop computer screen. Depending on where and when, a potential customer could be searching on a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop. This means that your website needs to work on every device… seamlessly and as if it was created for that device.

Responsive Website Design

We have extensive experience creating websites to suit any device. We started developing these responsive websites as early as 2011, well before it was expected. Utilising various frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress, we can construct a website with a mobile first methodology to create a website that will transition smoothly from any device.

We also build in features such as “press to call” on a phone number if you are viewing it from a mobile device. It’s these small attention to detail which separate us from the competition – and will separate you from the competition.

The Digital World

Once your website is online, the expectation is the calls start flooding in. Unfortunately, getting the website online is only the first step in the process. Marketing and getting your message out to the masses is also vitally important.

Integrated with your design, we provide all of the “sharing” methods available such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Email Sharing and more.

Let’s Work Together

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